EAST PROVIDENCE, RI, OCTOBER 4, 2015 – EveryBill Director of Healthcare Products Jacob Chase-Lubitz has accepted an appointment to the Rhode Island Health Insurance Commissioner’s Administrative Simplification Task Force. He will work with representatives from Rhode Island’s largest healthcare companies and community organizations to compose recommendations for reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of healthcare administration.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to help make a complicated industry a little simpler for people,” Mr. Chase-Lubitz said, “and I hope to offer some insight on how technology can help active that.” He added that “Rhode Island’s size makes it one of the few places in the country where it’s possible to develop truly innovative ways to streamline healthcare billing and administration.Director of Communications and Healthcare Products

Jake Chase-Lubitz Director of Communications and Healthcare Products

Jake Chase-Lubitz

Mr. Chase-Lubitz leads the development of EveryBill’s products for the healthcare industry. The company’s enterprise payment management tools help hospitals and practice groups offer advanced payment options to their patients online, over the phone, and at the point-of-care, and to securely manage those payments across multiple locations and business groups.

EveryBill LLC was founded in East Providence, RI in 2008. It builds Web-based enterprise payment management software for companies, particularly those operating in challenging regulatory or security environments and with unique business requirements. More information is available at www.everybill.com.