EveryBill’s payment management platform allows enterprise, healthcare, and professional services businesses to accept payments online, manage payment information centrally, and meet the increasingly stringent security and compliance standards that govern complex industries.

Payment Website

Custom Branded Payment Website

EveryBill creates a custom branded payment page and helps you roll it out to your customers. We let you to add your corporate logo, which further reinforces your brand among your customers, and customize the colors so that your payment site in a manner that is cohesive with your brand. If that isn’t enough customization, just contact our team and we will work with you on a custom design make your page stand out.

Custom Form Fields

Your payment site can be customized to collect any type of information about the payer, including home address, phone numbers, and alternative contacts. You can also choose to make each of these fields optional so that they don’t prevent payment from the minority of people who do not want to share their information.

Custom Payment Plans

EveryBill lets your payers set up their own payment plans and then it administers them for you. Your customers can design plans right on your custom payment site and EveryBill automatically charges their accounts. This reduces the barrier to payment for payers with low cash-flow without burdening your team with the challenge of managing payment plans. EveryBill even ensures that plans distribute payments evenly across the customer’s sub-accounts so that bills don’t go to collections while waiting for earlier bills to get paid.

Site Marketing

The single biggest priority when deploying a payment site is ensuring that your customers can find it. EveryBill offers Site Marketing, which uses our expertise in promoting payment sites to help payers find you in search engines. The benefits of this approach can be radical—especially within the first few months of going live—so we provide a 90-day free trial for you to understand how it works. Best of all, you only pay when our marketing results in an actual payment—so this feature always results in dollars-in rather than dollars-out.

Payment Methods

Online Check Draft

Our proprietary online check-draft technology lets your customers pay you by check right from their computer screens. They just enter their checking information and you print out a valid check in your office.

Credit/Debit Cards

EveryBill lets you accept credit and debit card payments. We can either connect to your existing merchant account or can help you get set up with a new one.


Businesses frequently transfer money using the national ACH network. We can help you setup an account and link it to your EveryBill System.

Customer Management

Custom Payment Identifiers

EveryBill allows you to track your payers using the ID number you already use in your operations. That way, you don’t have to remember another ID in order to look up a customer’s payment information. Just search using the same IDs you are used to, and our system will find the corresponding payments. Our field verification technology reduces the likelihood that a payer will enter incorrect ID information.

Payment Identification Generator

EveryBill allows you to track payers logically, even if they do not remember their account numbers at the time they are paying. By enabling this optional feature, users can check “I don’t know my file number”. They then receive the option to use the last four digits of their social security number together with their first and last name to generate a standardized number to identify them across your organization.


EveryBill allows payers to pay multiple bills at once by using sub-accounts. Your customer just fills a separate field for each bill he or she would like to pay, and then clicks “submit.”  This lets you track the payer while also tracking each of his or her bills. For example, a medical practice may wish to track payments by a patient’s Medical Record Number (the account) while also tracking that patient’s progress on paying each individual bill (the sub-accounts). Sub-account tracking includes the same fine-grained tools as top-level ID tracking.

Automated Payment Plans (even on sub-accounts)

EveryBill lets your payers set up their own payment plans and then administers them for you. Your customers can design plans right on your custom payment site and EveryBill automatically charges their accounts. This reduces the barrier to payment for payers with low cash-flow without burdening your team with the challenge of managing payment plans. EveryBill even ensures that plans distribute payments evenly across the customer’s sub-accounts so that bills don’t go to collections while waiting for earlier bills to get paid.

Payment Restrictions With Advanced Rules

EveryBill gives you the ability to restrict payments in a variety of ways. You can set minimum and maximum payment amounts, you can set specific payment time frames, and you can even restrict methods of payment on an account-by-account basis. This is great for meeting compliance requirements and ensuring that payers create payment plans with large enough installments

Alternative Payer Tracking

Sometimes the payer is not the individual who owes money, but a friend, family member, or representative. EveryBill allows you to provide entry fields to collect both names, allowing you to track the payment by your customer, but submit the correct name with the banking information.

Electronic Settlement Form

EveryBill allows you to accept an electronic settlement offer via your payment website. This form, which is directed to an email that you designate, is a useful tool to begin negotiation with a debtor. We believe that personal negotiation works best, and conducting that negotiation via electronic means results in more completed payment arrangements and better customer service.

Custom Payment Recipients

Our online check-draft system lets you customize the payment recipient on an account-by-account basis. This is great for firms like medical billers or collections companies that collect payment on behalf of a client. You can also put a “Pay To:” field for your payers to fill out on the payment website.

Automatic Name Capitalization

Let our software automatically capitalize the first letters of the payers name to keep your records clean and consistent.



EveryBill allows you to pull a variety of reports from the online interface at any point in time. We focus on giving you the information you need quickly, and do not maintain a complicated interface with a lot of reports that you don’t need.

Report Delivery

EveryBill can be configured to deliver reports automatically, ensuring that you always have the up-to-date information you need to run your business. Reports can be delivered daily or weekly as email attachments or as links that require you to log in (required by HIPAA). You can also control specifically which users have access to which reports.

Payment Projection Reports

EveryBill provides a Payment Project Report that calculates future revenues from your recurring payment arrangements. You can see individual payments on individual days without having to review each individual payment plan and match it up to a calendar.

Payment Posting Reports

EveryBill recommends that you post payments daily to ensure that your customers do not receive confusing communications after making a payment. We provide a variety of posting reports, including reports that are formatted to interface specifically with many software packages. All of our reports are available in CSV or Excel format, and all can be emailed out automatically. Also, you don’t need to worry about whether or not your reports are overlapping—EveryBill keeps track of Posting Reports to ensure that a single payment never shows up on two reports. All you do is open your inbox and go!

Advanced Data Integration

We provide a private SQL server that is updated with your EveryBill data in near-real-time. You can set up your reporting software to query this server directly, or you can build a custom integration as your needs dictate. The options really are unlimited.


FDCPA Warning

EveryBill allows you to display the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act mini-Miranda warning on the front page of your site in a format that requires your users to accept the agreement prior to entering any payment information. This warning can be customized to your liking, or you can use our standard template. We also allow you to display the warning on the bottom of every page the user sees.

FDCPA Post-Dated Check Rule

EveryBill provides a report designed to ensure post-dated check rule compliance for clients who are subject to the FDCPA and who want to enable recurring payments. This daily report calculates when the payment was taken and when it is scheduled to decide which accounts require notification. This way, you know who to notify and have the chance to review the notifications as they go out.

Custom Notices

EveryBill allows you to post custom notices, such as those communicating when checks will be deposited, alongside the payment form. Whether you want to provide customers with a little more information or you need to inform them of licensure information, EveryBill allows you to do so right on your payment site.


EveryBill understands that both its technology and its operating procedures must meet HIPAA requirements in order to satisfy the demands of clients who handle healthcare information. All data that passes through our point of service solutions or Web-based payment portals, or is stored on our servers, is fully encrypted 100% of the time, and our staff is trained to handle Protected Health Information (PHI) appropriately.

Custom Agreements

Depending on your regulatory environment, you may require the ability to modify the agreements presented to your users on the front screen. EveryBill allows you to customize the text seen by the user throughout the whole process.

Secure Software & Datacenter


SSAE16 is a severe organizational policy and security audit program which also uses certified auditors. It generates a “SOC1” report, which is a “statement on compliance”. We have reviewed this report from Amazon. (If someone asks you if the datacenter is SAS70 or SAS70 Type II compliant, inform them that the SAS70 standard has been replaced by SSAE16.)

PCI Level 1 and ISO 27001

PCI is the standard created by the credit card processing industry for protecting consumer payment information. PCI Level 1 is reserved for datacenters that have passed the highest level of auditing under PCI and have been audited by a 3rd party auditor. ISO 27001 is a similar certification program.

SSL Encryption

EveryBill provides SSL on all of our payment websites. We work with GlobalSign as a GlobalSign Partner to ensure that we are able to provision certificates quickly in the event of a security situation. This means that EveryBill is able to respond within hours instead of days. For instance, during the “Heartbleed” security incident, we re-issued and re-installed all of our certificates within hours, ahead of most major corporations.

Direct Datacenter Contact and Compliance Documents (PCI, SSAE)

AWS will provide complete compliance documents directly to our clients, provided that they are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. These documents include the PCI ROC (100+ pages) and the SSAE16 SOC1 reports. There is additional information available at: http://aws.amazon.com/compliance/ and http://aws.amazon.com/security/.