East Providence, RI, October 26, 2015 – Tech Collective named EveryBill CEO Justin Savage one of Rhode Island’s 2015 “Tech10″ on Sunday, recognizing his contributions to technology and innovation in the State’s growing IT sector.

“I am thrilled that Tech Collective has recognized the work we are doing at EveryBill,” Savage said. “A lot of people take payments for granted, but we believe there is a huge opportunity for innovations that give individuals and businesses much greater understanding of complex and confusing payment processes. Patient payments in the healthcare industry is one example. We are working on software that will help patients receive, understand, manage, and pay all their medical bills online.”

Rhode Island Monthly published short interviews with each of the Tech10 winners in its November edition. A page devoted to Mr. Savage highlighted the value EveryBill brings to professional services firms, manufacturing companies, and other businesses that traditionally invoice clients. It also revealed the young CEO’s excitement about the unique opportunities Rhode Island offers growing enterprise businesses. “I and some of the other entrepreneurs I know are confident in the environment here,” he is quoted as saying. “I’m really happy with what the government is doing, and I have very high hopes for the state.”

Tech Collective is a nonprofit association of Rhode Island information technology and biotech businesses. Its annual Tech10 Awards “recognize Rhode Island’s most accomplished IT practitioners, digital media professionals, and entrepreneurs,” according to the association’s website.

EveryBill LLC was founded in East Providence, RI in 2008. It builds Web-based enterprise payment management software for companies, particularly those operating in challenging regulatory or security environments and with unique business requirements. More information is available at www.everybill.com.