East Providence, RI, June 29, 2015 – EveryBill LLC announced on Thursday that it had begun providing payment management services to SES America, Inc. (SESA), a leading manufacturer of dynamic messaging signs and other intelligent transportation systems. EveryBill’s system, which allows businesses to accept and manage payments according to their unique needs, will make it significantly easier for municipalities to pay SESA for its services.
“SES America is committed to serving its customers, and we are helping it do so by making it much easier for those customers to pay,” said EveryBill CEO Justin Savage. “We are thrilled to welcome such an innovative manufacturing firm into our family, and we are particularly excited to work with another Rhode Island company.” he added.
Phil Perut, SESA’s president, offered his initial impressions of the EveryBill product: “We found the new system extremely convenient for our customers.” He also praised EveryBill’s launch support, “EveryBill’s team is very responsive and they provided a very interesting and useful training for their intuitive system.”
EveryBill LLC was founded in East Providence, RI in 2008. It builds Web-based enterprise payment management software for companies that invoice, particularly those operating in challenging regulatory or security environments and with unique business requirements. More information is available at www.everybill.com.
SES America Inc. was founded in Warwick, RI in 1986. It has three decades of experience designing and selling intelligent transportation systems for roadways and other public infrastructure. Its products are designed to withstand the harsh weather common to the locations of many of the company’s customers. More information is available at www.sesamerica.com.