Built For Enterprise

Our enterprise payment solutions offer the management features, customizations, and compliance that major businesses need.

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Accept Payments Online

Your customers really want to pay online, but off-the-shelf payment processing products cost too much and don’t offer the enterprise features your business requires. EveryBill is different. We build a secure payment interface around your company’s specific needs.

Role-Based Access Control

Sophisticated businesses require the ability to give employees and third-parties varying degrees of access to information about payments and billing. EveryBill works with you to make sure every member of your team has the access they need, and only the access they need.

Connect Payments to Data

Our platform ties together your payers’ geographic and banking information with their online activity and purchasing data to offer you a detailed understanding of each customer. You can also import EveryBill data into most business management softwares.

Multiple Points of Business

Businesses with multiple branches, websites, franchises, or subsidiaries should be able to collect, manage, and analyze payments across your business in real time. EveryBill is everywhere you want it to be and takes payments however your customers want to make them.

Very Happy Customers

Check out what our current clients are saying about our services.

“Your site is working so well… more debtors are paying on time and we’re spending less time tracking down payments. We’ve already seen over 30% of our payments come online. Thanks again for your help.”
Jeff Rutko, Director of Finance, Shechtman Halperin Savage LLP
“The online website continues to be a success! This is such a great and easy process for me in terms of keeping track of payments. I’m sure the number of people who pay online will only increase every month!”
Kelly Lydon, Director of Operations, Jay Five Realty
“This system is easier to use than anything we have used previously. I really like the level of security.”
Ken Shapiro, Principal, Shapiro Law PC
“Not only do we use EveryBill for our web-based payment portal, but we have shifted our check by phone process to this system as well.”
Harvey Moore, President, The Moore Law Group