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For Collections Agencies & Law Firms

Accept payments online and by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reduced cost of accepting payments

It costs $4.00 to take a payment by phone and only 55¢ to take them online. Getting customers to pay online lets agents focus on customer communication calls, which help grow revenue.

Accelerated cash flow

EveryBill has found that accepting payment online causes customers to pay bills an average of two weeks sooner. Many customers begin paying immediately when they can do so online.

Proactive Security & Compliance

Your site will adhere to FDCPA, E-Sign, HIPAA, Regulation E, and other industry compliance standards. We provide ongoing compliance consulting, so you can stay one step ahead of regulation.

Enterprise-grade customer service

EveryBill provides responsive, proactive service throughout your entire payment pipeline. No FAQs, no self-help webpages, just a team of problem-solvers working for you.

“I saw EveryBill as a solution to the excessive amount of time that our agents were spending on the phone taking check by phone payments.” 

– Lou Friedman, Blitt & Gaines P.C.


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Stunningly simple payment website

The centerpiece of your automated payment system.

Extraordinarily easy to use

We invited average people to try the payment site at each stage of the design process.

Fully Accessible (WCAG 2.0 Level AA)

We worked through more than 100 detailed factors to ensure compliance with WCAG 2.0. Click here to learn more about Accessibility.

Branded and customizable

Add your own branding. Reinforce your brand to your customers by adding your company’s logo, colors, and style. Our team can even help you develop a custom design to make your page stand out.

Balance Inquiry

Let customers see how much they owe.

Payment Plans

Your payers can set up recurring payment plans. You have the tools to administer them.

Pre-determined payment plans

You build custom payment plans on our platform and your payment website will present them payers.

Payment Methods

Check Draft – print out valid checks from your customers right in your office.

Credit & Debit – connect EveryBill right to your existing merchant account.

ACH – accept payments through the ACH network.

Tomar pagos en español.

(Take payments in Spanish.)

Exactly the same as your English payment website, but in Spanish.

The entire payment website is in Spanish, including legal language, field labels, and error messages.  Your Spanish-speaking consumers will enjoy exactly the same experience as your English-speaking users.

A front-to-back Spanish-language experience for your consumers.

Not only the payment website is in Spanish, we also provide you with a Spanish version of your custom domain name. You can include it in your mailings right along side your custom English domain name.

Manage all payments in the same admin interface, regardless of language.

Offering two sites wouldn’t be any fun if you also had to manage them separately. With EveryBill, your Spanish and English sites both feed into one admin interface, so your team can maintain one workflow.

Use our standard translations or provide your own.

EveryBill’s provides Spanish translations of all of our standard language. Need to customize your legal language or include specialized disclaimers? You can provide us with a translation or we can source one for you.

Automated Phone Payments

Your customers can pay bills or set up a payment plans over the phone without ever talking to a member of your team.

Zero labor cost

Automated Phone Agent cost much less than live calls, and because they scale perfectly with volume, they dramatically reduces hold times and call abandonment.

Great customer experience

When your customer calls in, the system will ask for their file number, payment amount, and payment information, and will then process the payment.

Unified payment management

Access payment reports from both phone and web payments in EveryBill’s unified employee interface.

Toll-free telephone number

EveryBill will provide you with a dedicated toll-free number. You can present it directly to consumers, or forward calls from an existing number or extension.

Call Quality Assurance

EveryBill uses carrier-grade network monitoring, and redundant input validation. Calls will always be clear and responsive. Information collected will always be accurate.

Powerful Management Tools

EveryBill integrates payments from across your business with your particular workflow.

Efficient employee Interface

EveryBill’s collector interface allows you to manage payments across multiple locations and business functions.

Powerful User Management

Role-based access control lets you decide which employees can access what information. You can even assign access to your third party vendors.

Automated payment routing

EveryBill give you fine-grain control of your payment flows. You can automatically route certain payments into different accounts, filter payment methods by individual payer, schedule custom reports, and integrate payment data into software from other vendors.

Custom Payment Restrictions

The largest debt originators have strict rules about which payment methods consumers can use to pay debts. EveryBill can restrict payment methods by each payer based on the rules your client sets.

Streamlined Data Management

EveryBill makes sure every member of your team has data they need when they need it. Customer service can quickly access payment records, the back office can pull posting reports, and management can project revenues.

Advanced Reporting

Project future revenues, download posting reports, and audit payments just a few of the reports that come standard. EveryBill can also customize reporting to align with your workflow.