Automated Phone Payments (IVR)


Zero labor cost

Having an agent take payments by phone costs an average of $4.00 per payment. Using Automated Phone Payments only costs about $1.30. And because it scales perfectly with volume, it dramatically reduces hold times and call abandonment.

Streamlined payment management

EveryBill’s Automated Phone Payments system connects right to your EveryBill payment management platform, so your team can access reports from both phone and web payments in EveryBill’s unified employee interface.

Great customer experience

When your customer calls in, the Automated Phone Payment system will ask them to key in their file number, payment amount, payment information, and contact phone number. The system will then process the payment, and ask the user if they would like to receive a receipt by mail.

Fully managed

EveryBill provides and manages a dedicated toll-free number. You can present it directly to consumers, or forward calls from an existing number or extension. Our carrier-grade network monitoring guarantees that calls will always be clear and responsive.

Record-keeping & Compliance

EveryBill can record, store, and retrieve calls based on your specific requirements. To learn more about about our record-keeping & compliance tools, call 1-888-979-1175.

Interested in accepting payments through EveryBill?

Give your patients a state-of-the-art payment experience without making a capital investment and without disrupting your existing processes.

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