Online payments cost 8x less.

It costs $4 to take a payment by phone, and only $0.55 to take a payment online.

Adoption is critical.

The more people pay online, the more money your business saves.

EveryBill drives adoption.

EveryBill gets more of your payers online than any other vendor.


Designed for complex businesses

ADA-Compliant Payment Website

Custom Payment Site

We create, host, and help you roll out a custom branded payment page. Your telephone agents use the same interface so that they can help payers learn to pay online. Click here to learn more about payment websites.

Search Optimization and Marketing 

EveryBill specializes in driving adoption of your new payment site. We train your staff to get your customers online, implement a range of proprietary marketing tactics, and optimize your site for search engines.

Digital Skip Tracing

Our job is to help you get paid, and part of that is helping you find the payer. Combining user data and IP address information allows us to link payers with their geographic location, phone number, most recent and alternate addresses, place of work, and digital devices.

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Send bills by mail
Print checks in your office

Online Check-Draft
Only from EveryBill

Industry-Leading Clients

The top debt collection law firms in the United States use EveryBill, and they are very happy with it.

“I saw EveryBill as a solution to the excessive amount of time that our agents were spending on the phone taking check by phone payments.”

– Lou Freedman, Blitt & Gaines, P.C.